Introducing MaxiTurn

Maximize your Turn
with The EDGE by Abbott & Shapiro LLC



Designed to MAXImize your TURN, the MaxiTurn service has been built from the ground up with a focus on improving your inventory performance. This is accomplished through a handful of key mechanisms including careful monitoring of sales trends, immediate reordering of fast selling items, and comprehensive inventory performance reporting with an eye towards investing in proven categories and price points in your store. 

To facilitate this, an online marketplace has been created allowing you to interact with vendors directly through The Edge software.  In addition to allowing you to browse and order vendor merchandise directly through The Edge, the Inventory Performance reports and the Rapid Reorder functionality directly integrate with online ordering. This allows you to quickly and easily reorder fast selling inventory or to immediately browse for new inventory in specific categories and price points identified as good sellers on the Inventory Performance reports. 

The MaxiTurn service allows you to maintain a fresh, dynamic inventory and gives you the power and flexibility to quickly respond to your changing market conditions.  


The MaxiTurn online marketplace exists on a secure server accessible only through The Edge software and only available to authorized Edge retailers and vendors. 

Retailers are able to create and submit orders directly off of integrated reports or manually through the Shop Online interface. 

Vendors are able to maintain online inventory catalogs, manage their relationships with Edge retailers, and receive orders.






MaxiTurn / AIMS/Autopilot Overview

MaxiTurn Shop On Line Market Place

MaxiTurn Pre-Recorded Webinar

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